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Helping you to build a case

Bill Waters

This page looks at how we work with local groups to help them with technical objections and building a robust case.

When it comes to local campaigning CPRE Bedfordshire works closely with action groups and Parish Councils to help them achieve their aims. This can include making our full consultation responses available for reference and joining meetings to listen to local people and give our input. We believe that empowering local communities is the best way to make change happen.


Local expertise

The team at CPRE Bedfordshire has a wealth of knowledge on campaigning and planning which we are happy to share when we have capacity. Our team is small and most of the planning work is done by volunteers who dedicate thousands of hours a year to help protect the Bedfordshire countryside.


Reference library

  • The resources section of our website includes our responses to major consultations such as those on Local Plans.
  • You can also find details of our responses to local planning applications via our geographically themed news sections. These will give you an idea of the kinds of grounds we use when putting in objections.


Case studies

Greenwoods New Town – this case study shows how CPRE Bedfordshire works with local action groups to help them build a case when objecting to proposed developments.

The OxCam Arc – this case study shows how we make our expertise on large scale issues accessible to local groups.


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