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Case study: The OxCam Arc

This case study shows how we make our expertise accessible to local groups.


The Oxford-Cambridge Arc (OxCam) proposals, including East-West Rail (EWR), are a major cause for concern for many Bedfordshire residents. They are also complicated and wide ranging. This makes it difficult for local people to know where to start.

As we cover the whole of Bedfordshire we can look at the big picture, enabling local groups to focus on what it means for them.


Bringing everything together

We created a new hub page for the website which enables visitors to find all the latest OxCam and EWR information in one place.



  • A series of briefing papers for Parish Councils
  • Full consultation responses published on the website

All of the above can be found in the resources section of the website.

East West Rail preferred route map



We try to make the issues as accessible as possible. These pages are well used by local groups as they help them communicate with residents and via official consultations.

Key explainers on OxCam and EWR include:

What is the Oxford to Cambridge Arc?

East West Rail – north or south?

North Bedfordshire countryside

Working in partnership

BFARe is a grassroots campaign comprised of Parish Councillors, Bedford Borough Councillors and concerned residents. They believe East West Rail’s 2019 public consultation was flawed and the resulting preferred route is not the best East-West / Oxford to Cambridge rail route for Bedford. They are working with the concerned parties to do research, provide information and gain support for our campaign for a Better Route for Bedford.

Working with BFARe we aim to share information via our website, social media and other communication channels to provide information to as wide an audience as possible.

Find out more about the partnership.


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Field with sheep
Countryside north of Bedford