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Rare historic site in the Marston Vale threatened by warehouse expansion

15th April 2021

CPRE Bedfordshire supports a growing campaign which has been launched to help protect the remains of a very rare medieval castle, (a ‘Ringwork’) and the adjacent historic ‘Round House’ near Brogborough and Lidlington.

The Ringwork is one of only 200 remaining in the county. Its remains, which are very large earth works, sits in the grounds of the Round House, a ruined 17th century Grade II listed red brick building, where it is said Cromwell signed the death warrant for King Charles I. Both have a fascinating history and more information on them, and the campaign can be found in this downloadable ringwork leaflet.

The Ringwork and Round House are situated on a spur of the Greensand Ridge to take advantage of the amazing views from this site in all directions, along the Marston Vale, and over towards Ridgmont in the opposite direction. Understanding the ‘setting’ of these historic monuments in this commanding defensive position is a key part of their historic context.


Unfortunately, this setting is threatened by a proposed allocation for warehousing at Marston Gate, in Central Bedfordshire’s Local Plan. (Site SE2). Despite very strong objections to the allocation including one from Historic England, Central Bedfordshire Council are continuing to promote this allocation. The warehousing will block the view over to Ridgmont and harm the ‘setting’ of the ancient defensive stronghold of the medieval castle. Ruining the view and harming the ‘setting’ will affect the experience and understanding of this nationally important and historic monument.

A video providing further information can be seen here.

If you are concerned about the harm the warehousing will do to the ‘setting’ of these very special historic buildings and scheduled monument, please let the Planning Inspectors know by responding to the Local Plan consultation before the closing date of noon on Wednesday 5th May.

Details of how to comment and object can be found in this handy guide provided by the Lidlington Action Group: How to object – Marston Gate

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