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Meet the team

Lois Wright



Lois oversees the day to day operations and development of CPRE Bedfordshire. With a background in both the arts and charity sectors, Lois has a wealth of management experience and is keen to use this to develop the organisation.

Lois is particularly interested in how the countryside can improve wellbeing and in working with local communities to help protect their local environment and improve access to green spaces.

Shelly Dennison
Digital Engagement Officer


Shelly manages the CPRE Bedfordshire website, monthly e-newsletter and social media accounts, as well as working on print communications like our magazine Bedfordshire Matters.

Shelly has a background in heritage outreach and her interests include connecting people to nature and the countryside, and access to nature.

Martin Christopher



Martin’s interests include the impact of development on air and water quality, and the relationship between access to the countryside and green spaces and wellbeing.

With a background in logistics and transport, Martin is also interested in ways of minimising the impact of logistics activity on the environment.

Paul Jenkins
Vice Chair


Paul’s volunteering activities with CPRE Bedfordshire are largely focused on planning matters. With Gerry Sansom, Paul maintains an overview of planning issues in Bedford Borough, contributing comments to Local Plan consultations as well as comments on applications for major developments. Paul has represented CPRE Bedfordshire at inspections and appeal hearings. He also supports Parish Councils and local communities with local issues.

Paul has taken a special interest in the government’s Oxford to Cambridge Arc Growth Strategy. He is a member of a CPRE Working Group consisting of representatives from the county branches affected and the National Charity. Working Group members work together to provide a joined-up approach to lobbying and campaigning on matters of concern associated with the OxCam Arc.

Juliet Ware


Juliet joined CPRE Bedfordshire in 2021 bringing a wealth of financial experience and knowledge to the organisation. She is keen to develop an understanding of charity finance to add to her extensive portfolio of qualifications in management and finance.

Away from the balance sheet, Juliet enjoys spending time outside and appreciates the many green spaces in her local area just over the border in Milton Keynes.

John English


John’s interests include planning, at both local and national level, the Green Belt and Countryside. Working in Central Bedfordshire, he responds to planning applications and represents CPRE Bedfordshire at inspections and appeal hearings.

John also advises Parish Councils, local action groups and residents of central Bedfordshire in relation to the planning system, the Local Plan and responding to planning applications.

John is responsible for mentoring new Planning Volunteers in Central Bedfordshire.

Fred Motson


Fred lives in Central Bedfordshire and has a particular interest in how the countryside can help mitigate the climate emergency.

Fred is a legal academic with the Open University and so is particularly interested in how law and policy can be used to protect landscapes and ecosystems.

Simon Grantham


Simon’s interests include the protection of the countryside, how to encourage more people out into the countryside and how to implement new technology to improve the environment. He works with the CPRE Bedfordshire team to support initiatives and campaigns.

Simon has lived in Bedfordshire for the last 15 years and has experience working for international companies in commercial roles.

Simon enjoys the countryside in and around Bedfordshire, cycling and walking the network of roads and paths.