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Case study: helping you to spread the word

This case study shows how we used our communication channels to promote a countywide series of protest walks.


On Sunday 13th February 2022, groups from across Bedfordshire braved the weather to take part in peaceful protest walks, raising awareness of threats to green spaces and open countryside.


What happened?

CPRE Bedfordshire and local action groups joined together to organise and promote twelve walks throughout the county. Each walk had a different focus, but all were united by the desire to raise awareness and take action. From valued urban green spaces to Greenbelt designated countryside, the walks threw the spotlight on places under threat.

Getting creative on the Greenwoods walk | Tom Rowland


How did CPRE Bedfordshire support the local action groups?

CPRE Bedfordshire’s main role was to share information from the groups, helping people to find a walk near them. A dedicated page on our website allowed us to easily add the details of walks as they came in. Facebook and Twitter were used to connect with the groups organising the walks and to share posts. A special edition of the e-newsletter was sent out to members and supporters a few days before the walks.

After the walks had taken place we put together a report for the website, sharing photos from the local groups.

The Friends of Windsor Drive walk


What were the benefits to local action groups?

  • Information about all of the walks was brought together in one place, so that people from across Bedfordshire could find the event nearest to them.
  • A countywide approach meant that we could talk about the big picture. The protest walks were in support of a national petition demanding an end to private house building targets, a ban on large scale housing development on greenfield sites and calling for all new homes to be built to the highest environmental standards. Sharing the petition was another way to enable people to get involved.
  • Zooming in to local level allowed us to show, via the range of local campaigns, the different ways that the issues were being felt on the ground. From urban green space to greenbelt countryside, we could demonstrate the strength of local feeling.
  • We were able to connect the different groups via social media.
  • For groups operating only on Facebook, we were able to provide a web presence so that non Facebook users could find out more.


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BFARe walk from Clapham Alan Goodger