The A6-M1 Link Road – Digging Deeper

We take a look at some of the issues and likely impacts of the planned A6-M1 Link Road.


You can find out more about the route – including maps and photographs here.


Impact on nature and the countryside


Ancient Woodland and SSSIs

The planned road puts many vulnerable habitats at risk – from ancient woodlands to chalk aquifers. Green links between Sundon and George woods will be severed and the biodiversity of the area put at risk.


Access to the countryside

Close to Luton, the area provides a place for many people to exercise and enjoy nature and the countryside. There are many public footpaths and both the Icknield Way and the John Bunyan Trail cross through. This valuable ‘green lung’ will be adversely impacted by a major new road.


Landscape – AONB

The 2019 Glover Review recommended that the Chilterns AONB be designated a National Park. The road would have a serious impact on the overall landscape and the character of the area.

Bluebell Woods From Field – Keith Brown | Keith Brown



A new road will lead to more traffic, increased air pollution and harmful emissions. This is bad for us, bad for wildlife along the route and bad for the climate. This is the time for an emphasis on sustainable transport options rather than more roads.



The plans will lead to increased noise and light pollution in the area. The Chilterns AONB should be protected as a tranquil place for people and wildlife.

A couple with their eyes closed in a peaceful landscape


Economic, political and democratic impact



The total cost of building and maintaining the road, including required environmental mitigations is unclear. The cost has been estimated at over £60 million; equating to at least £22.2 million per mile over the 2.7 mile route.



CPRE Bedfordshire have consistently expressed concerns about the lack of thorough public consultation on the plans. The need for the road has been assumed by Central Bedfordshire Council rather than properly assessed; including the potential environmental impact.


Climate hypocrisy

In July 2019 Central Bedfordshire Council committed to prioritise responding to climate change with the creation of a Climate Change Plan. The detrimental environmental impact of the planned road also goes against SEMLEPs Sustainability Policy.

Climate protestors holding up banners

Green Economy

The need for economic recovery post COVID-19 has been widely welcomed as a chance to build a low carbon economy. Road building is out of step with this aspiration.


Bluebell Woods From Side Of Proposed A6-M1 Link Road Keith Brown
Quernmore landscape