The final stage of Central Bedford Council’s Local Plan 2035 Examination

23rd November 2020

The final stage of the Examination by Government appointed Inspectors into CBC’s Local Plan 2035 begins on the 8th December with two weeks of Hearings in Public which will be held virtually.

This second round of Hearings, which have been delayed by COVID-19, were called by the Inspectors to allow CBC to respond to a very wide ranging series of questions raised by them following the first Hearing back in September last year.

The Inspectors were very critical of a number of key elements of the Local Plan such as the amount of development within the Green Belt, the route of the proposed A6 – M1 Link Road which will slice through the Bedfordshire section of the Chilterns AONB and the extent of housing development proposed for the Marston Vale (a new town) and around Biggleswade.

CPRE Bedfordshire’s planning volunteers will be present and have been given the opportunity by the Inspectors to speak and make our case at all of the Hearing days, standing up for the countryside and sustainable development.


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Sven Mieke / Unsplash
Quernmore landscape