Response: London Luton Airport Expansion Consultation

24th February 2020

CPRE Hertfordshire and CPRE Bedfordshire strongly object to the expansion of London Luton Airport from 18 to 32 million passengers per annum.  Our objections are based on matters of both principle and detailed points of concern.


The objections fall into six key categories:


Climate Emergency

The application flagrantly ignores the reality of the Climate Emergency and the impacts of rapidly expanding aviation, the fastest growing source of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. The 103,000 additional flights a year, a 60% increase on current levels will result in hugely increased emissions.

Noise and Air Pollution

The expansion will cause substantive and further harm to the surrounding countryside and towns by increased noise and air pollution. Further adverse noise impacts are inevitable and underestimated in the submission documents.


Significant congestion will be caused by increases in traffic at the site and on approach roads. Additional road building is proposed as well as the provision of an additional 7,750 parking spaces. The effects on the local road network are greatly underestimated. The whole approach lacks the required emphasis to sustainable transport.


Harm to the immediate countryside by landscape, major earthworks and loss of open space and recreational areas. The increased apron, car parking and airport activity will bring additional light pollution to a wide area of countryside.

Economic Forecasts

That the economic benefits of the scheme are greatly overestimated and do not justify the harm.

Public Consultation

This fails to test public opinion properly. Responses are not being openly shared online and the format of questions frustrates objection.


Download the full, detailed response here.

Climate protestors holding up banners
Quernmore landscape