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East Park Energy

6th November 2023

CPRE Bedfordshire is aware of a proposed large new four site solar farm in the north of the county. 

East Park Energy is a new solar farm and energy storage scheme that is proposed to the north-west of St Neots, straddling the administrative boundary of Bedford and Huntingdonshire. Sites A and B fall in Bedfordshire.

Map showing the locations of the proposed sites.


Consultation process

RNA Energy is running an initial consultation on the plans for East Park Energy. They describe this as “an opportunity for us to share our plans and hear your feedback on our initial plans.”

The initial consultation will run for five weeks, from Tuesday 17th October to Tuesday 21st November 2023.

Their website includes a feedback form and also sets out other ways in which you can contact them with your views.


Where do CPRE Bedfordshire stand?

CPRE Bedfordshire strongly supports the generation of renewable energy but would prefer to see the focus on rooftop solar. 

CPRE is running a national campaign to urge the government to fully realise the potential of solar on rooftops. Be a part of it, and help us kick start a rooftop revolution. 

So far two of our local MPs, Richard Fuller (North Bedfordshire) and Mohammad Yasin (Bedford and Kempston), have signed up as parliamentary Rooftop Solar Champions.

We believe there is vast potential for siting solar energy panels on the rooftops of buildings and utilising brownfield sites rather than using valuable farmland and the countryside. 


Sign the petition

We’re calling on the government to set a new and ambitious target for generating clean and affordable electricity from rooftops across the country. At this critical time, will you call on the government to act? 


Local campaigns

The local campaign is called Stop East Park Energy. There is also a Facebook group for local residents.


What will CPRE Bedfordshire be doing?

We will be engaging with the local community and submitting a response to this consultation and any future consultations. We will share the responses here.