CPRE Bedfordshire launches ‘working with you’

7th March 2022

CPRE Bedfordshire are delighted to be launching a new section for our website called ‘working with you’.

The new pages explore the ways in which we work with local action groups, parish councils, projects which enter our Living Countryside Awards. You’ll find lots of information, including case studies and links to resources. We’ll be continuing to develop these pages over the next few months so keep checking back!

Below we outline what you will find on each page.



The Directory is home to information about which local action groups, parish councils and campaigns we are currently working with. You can find out which groups are active in your area or which are working on similar issues.


Helping you to spread the word

The spreading the word page looks at how we work with local groups to help them raise their profile and communicate their campaigns.


Helping you to build a case

Helping you build a case is about how we work with local groups to help them with technical objections and building a robust case.

Abbey Fields Roundabout Group – winner: Better Places To Live

Living Countryside Awards

This page explores the ways in which we use the Living Countryside Awards to work with local projects and organisations.



This page is home to information about our practical workshops.


Is there anything else that we could add to these pages to help you? Let us know via info@cprebeds.org.uk 


CPRE Bedfordshire Campaign Guide for Local Action groups

We have developed a guide to help local action groups that we are working with get started with planning and communicating their campaigns. If you would like to find out more about working with us please get in touch via info@cprebeds.org.uk 


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