Ten things you can do to take local action on climate change

With climate change in the news we take a look at a what you can do locally to make a difference.

1. Tell your MP that climate change and environmental issues matter to you, make your letter or email personal so that they can see why you care.

2. Take community action, join a grassroots group and get involved in local solutions.

urban gardening
Edible High Town, Luton

3. Think about what you eat – have meat free days, choose organic and local produce or grow your own.

4. For short journeys choose to walk or cycle, for longer journeys think about taking the bus or train. If it’s time to replace your car look at hybrid or electric vehicles.

The Barn, Cardington

5. Switch to a green energy supplier or tariff to show your support for renewable energy sources.

6. Save energy at home by turning off lights and appliances that are not being used. Make sure you have good insulation.

7. Invest ethically – look for green banks, ethical pension funds and fossil fuel free investment portfolios.

8. Take the train not the plane if travelling around the UK and Europe. Look at carbon offsetting schemes with trusted green projects.

Hands with gloves counting littered plastic bottles
Local litter picks are a great way to get involved.

9. Consume less – waste less, upcycle, recycle, share, make, fix, compost.

10. Ask your favourite brands about their packaging, sourcing and environmental policies. Change to brands that use less plastic or support environmental projects.


Fracking protestors marching with banners
Quernmore landscape