Five ways in which CPRE Bedfordshire works on climate change

8th November 2021

With COP26 and climate change high on the agenda, here we share five ways in which the work of CPRE Bedfordshire connects with combating climate change.



We campaign for the protection of hedgerows which suck carbon out of the air and store it in their trunks, roots and in the soil underground. In 2020 we joined Pertenhall & Swineshead Parish Council and a local Action Group in their successful effort to stop a local farmer from destroying around 800 metres of field hedgerow in Swineshead.

Hedgerows near Swineshead

Supporting local climate action groups

The CPRE Bedfordshire Living Countryside Awards celebrate and promote local action groups working on climate change, zero waste, tree planting and other carbon mitigation projects. In the 2021 awards projects included The Ampthill Buzz which is managed by the Ampthill Climate Change Group who aim to turn selected close-mown turfed areas within the town into wildflower havens, Re-Phil’s Zero Waste shop and a new community woodland in the Forest of Marston Vale.

Signage by the Ampthill Buzz project

Local Food

CPRE champions local food networks as a way of reducing the carbon footprint of what we eat, we also celebrate local producers through the Living Countryside Awards. In 2021 our Made in Bedfordshire category winners were Riverside Dairy for their artisan ice-creams.

The Barn, Cardington

The countryside next door

We help people find walks and green spaces on their doorstep, cutting down on car use. From showcasing the greener side of towns like Bedford to places that shine a light on our local and national history.

Riverside walk, Priory Country Park, Bedford


Climate change features in our responses to planning applications and consultations from projects like the A6-M1 Link Road to an Intensive Broiler Chicken Factory.


mature and new woodland
Mature and new woodland, near Houghton House
Quernmore landscape