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Take action now to save our Green Belt!

Thursday, 10 October 2019 09:04

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CPRE Bedfordshire is appalled by the recent decision of Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) to approve the construction of a new A6 - M1 Link Road which will be built entirely in the Green Belt.

The road will slice through the southern part of the Bedfordshire Chilterns AONB and seriously impact on Ancient Woodlands and SSSI sites. Read the full story here.

The planning application for the new road was agreed despite strong objections from CPRE Bedfordshire, The Chilterns AONB Board, Natural England, The Chilterns Society, Luton Borough Council, The Woodland Trust, and many others. Petitions were signed by over 2,000 local people.

This is one of the worst acts of environmental vandalism that CPRE Bedfordshire has encountered and we need your help to ensure the Secretary of State doesn’t approve this decision.

This road will serve a new Rail/Freight Interchange at J11a of the M1 and will increase traffic in the area, particularly HGV traffic on the A6 (north and south bound). It will take development to the very edge of the Chilterns AONB, the “Green Lungs” for Luton.

Furthermore, in July CBC agreed to prioritise action on climate change, recognising the need to reduce our carbon footprint and yet with this road they are doing the opposite.


What are CPRE Bedfordshire doing?

  • Written to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson to ask if James Jamieson, Leader of a Conservative majority Council, has acted with government support on this matter. We have asked if it is Mr Johnson’s new government policy to agree planning applications of this type which will severely impact Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and the Green Belt, particularly in light of Climate Change and catastrophic biodiversity loss.
  • Requested that the application be “Called-in” by the Secretary of State, Robert Jenrick. However, there is no guarantee that he will reject the plans.
  • Raising the awareness of these issues on social media and in the local press.
  • Sharing our campaign with other environmental groups and agencies to gain support.

What can I do?

We are urging all those who are concerned about this matter to take action and write to the Secretary of State, Robert Jenrick, or your MP.

To make this easier we have drafted a letter that you can adapt or just send as it is and provided a list of relevant contact details. These can both be downloaded below.

This will only take 5 minutes and could make a difference to our beautiful countryside, so please act now.

Thank you for your support.


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