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CPRE Bedfordshire Briefing - A428 Black Cat to Caxton Gibbett

Thursday, 21 February 2019 09:13


Highways England Announcement of Preferred Route



Highways England conducted a consultation process in March 2017 on route options to improve the A428 between Black Cat roundabout and Caxton Gibbet.

The project is part of the Oxford-Cambridge Corridor strategy recommended by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) which is supported by the government.

There were three routes put forward for consultation in March 2017. The preferred route chosen in this announcement is the route most closely aligned to the existing route of the A428. The other routes consulted upon involved greater intrusions across open countryside.

The preferred route involves a three tier junction at the Black Cat roundabout where the A421/A428 will be elevated to flow over the junction with the A1 lowered to flow under the junction.


You can find full details of the preferred route, the consultation report and the 2017 consultation document by following the web links below.

Report setting out details of the preferred route:


March 2017 consultation document:


Report on consultation:


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