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CPRE Bedfordshire rejects planning application for New Town of 5,000 new homes in Forest of Marston Vale as premature and anti-democratic

Thursday, 02 August 2018 09:50

CPRE Bedfordshire has written a detailed letter to Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC) strongly objecting to the planning application by O&H Properties, for a development described as a series of three villages, but which CPRE Bedfordshire considers to be a New Town of 5,000 homes and 40 hectares of employment land.

The development, between Brogborough, Lidlington and Marston Moretaine would be +30% larger than the town of Ampthill.


A spokesperson for CPRE Bedfordshire said:

“The proposed New Town would be set entirely within the Forest of Marston Vale which was created with public money to deliver environmentally led regeneration.

This is an example of excessive over-development of the area - the applicant has provided very little solid evidence to support a New Town on such a massive scale.

The impact on both the primary and rural transport infrastructure and the proposed East/West Rail has not been properly assessed.


The spokesperson went on to say:

“However, our most serious criticism of the application is that O&H Properties are trying to avoid the democratic process by submitting this application prior to the examination by a government appointed Inspector of CBC’s Local Plan 2035.

O&H Properties’ proposal for a New Town in the Forest of Marston Vale is already contained within the Local Plan 2035 and there have been many objections to it from residents of Central Bedfordshire and others.

These objections together with comments from all other stakeholders including O&H Properties, will be heard by the Inspector at the “Inspection in Public”.

The Inspector will then give his opinion of Local Plan and the proposals within it.

We very much hope that CBC will also recognise the importance of seeing through the democratic process and that they will reject the application as being premature, to say the least.”


The full CPRE Bedfordshire response can be downloaded below.

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