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CPRE Bedfordshire's response: Oxford to Cambridge Expressway Route Options Consultation - Impact on Woburn Area

Thursday, 07 June 2018 08:58


A consultation on the Expressway Route Options took place during March to May 2018.


A CPRE Working Group, consisting of representatives from Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire branches supported by National Office, submitted a joint response to Highways England. Whilst the joint response highlighted CPRE’s opposition to the expressway proposal on principle due to a range of negative environmental impacts, Option C was the option that CPRE decided was the “least worst’’.

We are concerned to learn, through a Freedom of Information request, that Central Bedfordshire Council have expressed a preference for Option A, taking the view that this option is the most attractive in terms of journey time savings and best performing in terms of socio economic benefits.

CPRE Bedfordshire takes the view that this option is unacceptable as it presents particular threats to the countryside in the area between Woburn, Woburn Sands and north of Leighton Buzzard which includes the Greensand Ridge.

You can find the Working Group’s response to the corridor consultation in the firrst document listed below.


Also available to download are a map which shows option C in more detail; CPRE's strategy for the campaign and a copy of a presentation given by Jacobs Engineering Group who are working on behalf of Highways England.

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