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Neighbourhood Planning Workshop

Monday, 09 December 2019 12:57


Wednesday 4th March 2020, Wilstead Village Hall

Come together with representatives from Parish Councils in Bedfordshire to learn and share experiences of Neighbourhood Planning.

The event aims to provide information and to offer opportunities for discussion to Parish Council delegates across a range of interest levels, from councils thinking about starting a Neighbourhood Plan, to councils that are well advanced or already have an adopted plan.

The programme is designed to provide time for Parishes who are well advanced in their plan making to share their experience with Parishes that are at an early stage, as well as opportunities for early and advanced groups to discuss and share experiences in separate groups. The workshop will include input from a keynote speaker, Dave Chetwyn, who is a leading expert on neighbourhood planning. Dave is already providing consultancy support to several planning groups in Bedfordshire. He will provide an opening address that will highlight the benefits of neighbourhood planning and how to make an effective plan. 

The discussion groups provide opportunities for delegates to focus on their specific needs, for example; to think about whether a neighbourhood plan would benefit their community, and for groups at an advanced stage, to exchange ideas about completing and implementing their plan.

More information and booking forms can be downloaded below.

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