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Monday, 30 April 2018 11:16


Need some help with responding to a planning application or with creating a Neighbourhood Plan? Start here.

We're going to be expanding this section of the website over the next few weeks to add links to lots of different websites that you may find helpful.


CPRE resources:

  • CPRE Planning Help - this site guides you through the process of responding to planning applications. It also includes a step by step guide to the Local Plan process.
  • Resources - this section of our website contains lots of downloadable resources to help you respond to planning applications
  • CPRE National Office - background to planning & housing issues, overview of current CPRE campaigns, Greenbelt etc

Don't forget - members also have access to the CPRE Planning Hotline for help and advice. (Click here for more information on becoming a member)


Other websites:


Local campaign groups:

Find out about active local campaigns and what's happening in your part of Bedfordshire.


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