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Meet the team - Paul


Name: Paul Jenkins

Role: Trustee and planning volunteer for the Bedford Borough area

What do you do? As a Planning volunteer, with others, I prepare comments to submit to the Borough Council where we have concerns about the impact that an application has on the countryside. As lead volunteer for CPRE Beds on the Oxford-Cambridge Arc growth strategy I attend a Working Group with representatives of the other branches affected ie., Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bucks, so that we can share information and co-ordinate our campaigning strategy.  I represent CPRE Beds on the CPRE East of England Regional Group where I attend meetings to keep in touch with CPRE activity across the region and report Beds activity. I have recently become a Trustee for CPRE Beds where I will join other Trustees on managing the activities of the branch.


What made you get involved with CPRE Bedfordshire? Through my role as a Parish Councillor I became aware of the consultation process being undertaken by Bedford Borough on their Local Plan and the implications for increased development in the countryside. There was also a planning application submitted for a large housing development in my village and through that I became aware of the role of CPRE Beds in commenting on planning applications and planning matters.


What's the best thing about what you do? / What are you most proud of achieving with CPRE Bedfordshire? Being part of a group of people who care about the countryside and are active in making people aware of things that are happening in their communities, supporting them to make their voices heard.


What do you wish more people knew about CPRE Bedfordshire? That CPRE is very proactive in seeking out information about important issues under consideration within the local council and government policy that have far reaching implications for our communities and making these matters known to Bedfordshire residents.


Favourite place in Bedfordshire? Has to be Turvey, where I live.


Bedfordshire Matters because... The places we live in and our environmental surroundings have a big impact on our quality of life and sense of wellbeing. There is much to be valued in our Bedfordshire countryside and it’s important to keep a proper balance between the demands of commercial activity/development and the peaceful spaces we can enjoy as places to live and places we can enjoy for recreation.

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