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Meet the team - Lau

Name: Lau Tambjerg

Role: Trustee

What do you do?  Input to social media strategy, development of the branch and then I was a judge at our 30th anniversary photo competition!


What made you get involved with CPRE Bedfordshire?  Caring for our environment has always been important to me and making sure we have a beautiful and accessible both within and outside of our cities is core to CPRE, so I decided to join and help where I can.


What's the best thing about what you do?  Getting to work with and learn from a group of people with the same mindset and focus on protecting our shared space as well as helping to talk about the great work being done.


What do you wish more people knew about CPRE Bedfordshire?  That we as an independent charity work to ensure development happens on the right terms and in the right way - so that is to the benefit of the local community and not solely a private developer.


Favourite place in Bedfordshire?  I like the riverside area in Bedford – simply because it is the nearest green area to where I live and I frequently go for a run there.


Bedfordshire Matters because...  of its diversity in areas stretching from urban to rural, from nature areas to agricultural fields and not least the diversity of people living here.

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