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Meet the team - Mary

Mary is 4th from the right. Mary is 4th from the right.


Name: Mary Walsh

Role: Planning Volunteer and Trustee of CPRE Bedfordshire

What made you get involved with CPRE Bedfordshire? I became aware of plans to build on much of its Green Belt and green fields and felt I wanted to do something to help protect Bedfordshire as a rural county.

What's the best thing about what you do? / What are you most proud of achieving with CPRE Bedfordshire? Meeting like-minded people who have the same passion and commitment to the work we do. Helping people to understand the planning system and fight back against inappropriate development. Being part of something bigger which is achieving so much across the whole of the UK – including introduction of the charge for plastic bags.

What do you wish more people knew about CPRE Bedfordshire? I wish people knew that we are not just a bunch of NIMBY old people trying to protect our little patch of countryside. We do care about more than that and we are not opposing all development, but truly want to see this happen where it is needed and for housing to be affordable to those people who need it too. I would like people to see that we are helping to protect things that they maybe won’t miss until they’re gone – including the land that we grow our food on. Our countryside is important to those who live in the towns too.

Favourite place in Bedfordshire? There are so many places, but one that I love is Sundon Hills Country Park and the AONB it sits within.

Bedfordshire Matters because... of its many accessible areas of beautiful and productive countryside, providing green spaces for many people to enjoy with all the benefits that brings for health and well-being. With its good agricultural land it is growing in importance as a source of food production, now and even more so in the future. I love the countryside of Bedfordshire and feel it is highly undervalued in the bigger scheme of things.


You can find out more about what Mary does as a planning volunteer here.

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