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Meet the team - Shelly

I'm 6th from the right! I'm 6th from the right!


Name: Shelly Dennison

Role: Communications Officer (but I also do some volunteer hours in the office!)


What do you do?  As Communications Officer I run our social media feeds, keep the website up to date and also work on print media like the branch magazine Bedfordshire Matters (You can download the most recent edition here - the next issue will be published in the summer) 

As a volunteer I do anything that needs doing to help the office run smoothly!


What made you get involved with CPRE Bedfordshire?  Having grown up in rural areas I was aware of the work of CPRE nationally and I was keen to get involved with a local environmental charity.


What's the best thing about what you do? / What are you most proud of achieving with CPRE Bedfordshire? Seeing our social media presence grow over the last year – and joining Instagram to share photos of Bedfordshire's countryside and green spaces!


What do you wish more people knew about CPRE Bedfordshire? That we're as interested in urban parks and green spaces as we are in the countryside.


Favorite place in Bedfordshire? Priory Country Park in Bedford


Bedfordshire Matters because... It's such a varied county – from the limestone of the north down through the greensand ridge to the chalkland downs of the south.

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